Personalized Coaching

Mentor with Ann as Your Personal Coach!

Imagine how successful you could be – if you were personally mentored and coached by one of the top leaders in the entire Network Marketing and Direct Sales profession. A leader who understands what you are going through, knows what you want to accomplish, and can help you develop the skills and expertise you need.

You don’t have to imagine it. You can actually experience it! Ann Feinstein has a few openings in her “inner circle” of coaching clients, and you could be one of the fortunate people to take part in the amazing and empowering program.

Be warned, however, it’s not for everyone…

It’s only for people who are serious about success, and will follow through with the advice Ann provides them. So the only individuals accepted are those who are committed to success, open to constructive criticism, and will report back each session with the progress from the previous one.

mlm-coachingDrawing on her more than 25 years of success as a home business entrepreneur, global team leader and top income earner, Ann has developed interactive coaching systems that will ignite and motivate you.

Whether you’re a newcomer who wants to kick off their business effectively, or an experienced veteran who needs help to breakthrough to higher levels of success – Ann can help you. Her coaching programs foster mental, emotional and physical participation. This will lift your vision and inspire you to actually manifest it. Ann will be your coach, and you’ll be an active participant in creating the success you’re seeking.

Inconsistency, ineffectiveness and reduced productivity can often stop you from growth. With Ann’s mentoring, you can break through these barriers with a working plan focused on exactly what you want to achieve beginning right now!

This isn’t some cookie cutter assembly line process, but personalized coaching between you and Ann. Ann will help you develop & recognize your mix of strengths and areas of growth. Over time she can show you how to break out of your limiting beliefs and non-productive habits. Think of her as your “surrogate sponsor,” helping you break through your fears, gain more confidence, and develop new skills, while taking leaps that bring you amazing results.

Here’s what will happen each month:

  • Weekly (one hour) phone or skype power packed session with Ann to identify specific skills & actionable steps needed to achieving a breakthrough goal that will make a significant impact in your business;
  • Personalized weekly assignments specifically designed to guide you step by step towards your desired result;
  • Review of the previous week’s activities to hold you accountable, and to focus on the plan for the week while providing guidance & direction, and access to Ann’s private training resources;
  • Develop a structured accountability mechanism necessary to support you as you progress through the each week of the coaching program;
  • Access to Ann by email to help you overcome any obstacle or limiting behavior that comes up as you begin to take charge;
  • Progress assessment and specific recommendations for laying the foundation for continued success.

You can receive all this personalized coaching for only $477 per month, but spaces are limited.  Obviously with all this attention, Ann has to limit the number of people she can work with.  Once you reach the goals you’re looking for, you can cancel the coaching at any time.  It’s totally up to you.

If you are ready to take bold decisive action, and get serious about your success, then fill out the application and see if you qualify.

Once received, Ann will then be in touch with you to set up a 30 minute Business Breakthrough Discovery Session to determine:

  • Where you are right now,
  • Where you want to be – the full color vision of your ideal business and lifestyle,
  • Your specific concerns and challenges,
  • Your unique skills and talents, and
  • How Ann can coach you towards achieving your desired goal.


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