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International Move-to-Action Speaker & Network Marketing Expert

Straight Talking - Captivating Trainer - with Game Changing Style!

Best described as a charismatic innovative speaker with an audience-energizing style, Ann speaks from her vast global experience leading sales teams around the world.

Ann's passion, humor, colorful behind-the-scene stories and audience interaction are key elements of her customized presentations that will captivate while empowering, entertaining and informing your audience.


Ann Can Help You and Your Audience to:

ann hong kong network marketing speaker trainer

Ann's keynotes and skill sets for success trainings are for companies and organizations that want to: re-charge their performance, improve their online * offline recruiting strategies, bullet-proof their leadership, unify & innovate their sales teams, and recognize their rising stars!

Your audience will laugh, they will think, and leave the event inspired to breakthrough their fears, embrace accountability, increase sales and recruiting, lead more effectively, develop long-lasting team relationships, and enjoy life more along the way! All of which helps your organization grow, profit, succeed and blow away the competition!

Ann's Most Requested Speaking and Training Topics

Audiences love Ann’s straight talking authenticity, combined with her fun story telling style and kick butt delivery. Customized to match the theme and outcome of your event, Ann’s most requested topics include:

Dance with Your Fear ... and WIN!

network marketing success trainer

"When you turn yourself on FIRE ... others will come to see you burn!"

Too often, we tend to allow our FEAR of the unknown, or the fears expressed by others who think they know best, to hold us back. WHY? Because we have been conditioned to play it safe, not take chances, and to stay within our comfort zone.

In her classic story-telling style, Ann will show your audience why pain & fear are 2 things most people don't want to talk about, yet are necessary steps toward EPIC kick butt breakthroughs that will have your audience on their feet ready to "Bring it on!"

How You Create IMPACT!

home business entrepreneur

Ann learned a long time ago that “It’s NEVER about where it happens … it’s ALWAYS about WHO makes it happen!” And it starts with developing the right mindset, making a decision to move forward and stop all of the excuses, and create a marketing strategy & plan with a mastermind of like minded people, who collaborate together with a definite major purpose.

Coming from a teaching background and a staff supporting position, with no sales or marketing experience, Ann’s story of following her dream of building a global sales team while facing language barriers, war torn countries, and male dominated cultures, and embracing powerful new marketing skills, will have your audience rolling in the aisles yet fired up with a renewed commitment to create their own break through story and bold destiny!

Ann will lead your audience through a journey of self-discovery, team building unity and new online marketing techniques that will have them poised to lock arms on your products, your leadership and your vision of expansion.

3 Simple Steps to Recruiting CONFIDENCE!

top women network marketing

Has FEAR ever held you back or your team from reaching out?

Do you feel Overwhelmed or Stuck on how to effectively incorporate Social Media in attracting the best candidates to your opportunity?

Ever missed out making a magical connection in a social setting? ... or during a texting conversation … where someone make a remark that shows their interest in what you have, but you let the moment slip by?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions - this is the program for you. Ann will share her secrets to breaking through fear, rejection and overwhelm with 3 simple team building steps and scripts that will unify everyone from the newbie beginner to the more seasoned professionals!


IGNITE Your Next Event with Ann Feinstein!

For details on how Ann Feinstein can help your team, company or organization ATTRACT. RECRUIT. LEAD. with Skill Sets for Success, contact our office online or call us at +1 (215) 321-1400


What People are Saying About Ann...

Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward

Diamond Executive - Nikken

"Ann is both hugely entertaining and profoundly instructive on stage with audiences of all sizes. She gains attention from the moment she enters the room with her confidence, humor, focus and drive as a compelling trainer and presenter. Her wisdom and global experience add great depth and credibility to her message."

Randy Gage

Randy Gage

Author of the New York Times bestseller, “Risky Is the New Safe”

"Ann presents great content in a powerful way. You can count on her to deliver a program that helps your people and makes you look good.

Margie Aliprandi

Margie Aliprandi

Wealth coach, speaker, and author of “How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want”

"Ann Feinstein is an absolutely captivating speaker who reaches people where they live. Her cut-to-the-chase style, and her heart make her very relatable. She engages and inspires. Hearing Ann speak made me want to play a bigger game."

Silvia & Paolo Colotti

Silvia & Paolo Colotti


“Audiences connect with Ann’s approachability, energy, colorful stories, originality and her ability to keep them tuned-in! She epitomizes passion, simplicity and magnetism as she is always ready to listen, is able to express every experience with tremendous clarity even when speaking to a small group or a large foreign audience drawing from her many years of global success. We love her!”

Kimmy Merrillbrooke

Kimmy Merrillbrooke

Diamond Executive - Young Living

"The first time I saw Ann speak I was captivated! She has a way of delivering valuable content through witty, humorous story telling that makes you feel excited and leaves you feeling like “I can do it too!” She’s truly inspiring!"

Sarah Robbins

Sarah Robbins

#1 Earner and RFX Circle Achiever - Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

"Ann is a dynamic speaker and trainer in the networking profession. She has a real gift to inspire the audience, engage the crowd, and equip them with everything they need to be successful! She is a true gift to the profession!"

IGNITE Your Next Event with Ann Feinstein!

For details on how Ann Feinstein can help your team, company or organization ATTRACT. RECRUIT. LEAD. with Skill Sets for Success, contact our office online or call us at +1 (215) 321-1400.

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