3 HOT TIPS to Boost Your Facebook Post Engagements!


Hi Guys, I’m Ann Feinstein here and I really want to ask you this question. How would you like to increase and boost your facebook post engagements? Now? That’s what we’re going to talk about tonight because I have had conversations about that over the weekend. People are saying to me, and I’ve been posting stuff on facebook and I’m getting crickets. Crickets means I just leave. It means that I’m not hearing anything back. And uh, I sure been there have absolutely been there where I thought I had posted something that is pure genius and sure enough, a very little interaction. And so I sat down and I said, well, let’s talk about this because I will tell you that there is a really, really w, there were a couple of really great ways to be able to boost your engagement and to be able to get some things really happening where you have conversations going back and forth and you’re developing wonderful relationships with people and making me maybe making some new friends.

And so everybody’s scrolling, scrolling through facebook, they’re just doing it. Sometimes, you know, with purpose, sometimes they’re doing it mindlessly, just sitting there looking at their facebook fan page or looking through their, uh, their wall there, threads and so forth, and you’ve got to catch people’s attention. OK? You’ve got to find a way to catch people’s attention either through bold statements. OK, I catching pictures. Uh, I discovered the whole world of emojis just this, this past couple of weeks, uh, to capture people’s attention because then when you’re talking about, you know, really being able to create the kind of engagements that you want and that you certainly want to see happening with all the things that are going on facebook. Now I’m going to give you three really hot tips that can help. So if that sounds of interest to you, just give me a one down there. And if you’re watching the replay and replay and type in where you’re calling in from, I’d love to see where everybody is.

I see Aliyah is calling in from Brazil and I see, oh, we’ve got David and Pam and Michael and I see John Gray. Guys, good to see you all here with us tonight. So first off, I find that a hot tip is to have a really bold statement or a really important question, OK? Because that way you get people’s attention, a subject that they’re probably interested in. Uh, today I wrote a post and you know, it was something about our Friday night, we went to see this amazing elementary school production and I’m sitting here thinking about the fact that teachers rarely get the applause that they deserve. And so that became the headline for the posts that I make. Now, if you’re taking a picture or a meme and you’re adding something to it, then you want to do something eye catching, you know, something that relates to you, something that you know, makes you relate to that particular meme or that particular article that you’re adding to your facebook page to catch people’s attention, OK?

That draws their eyes. Maybe adding some emojis, maybe adding some capital letters to really call attention to it. So the first tip is to either ask a question, make a bold statement, give a nice strong headline. Second, OK, is to offer a solution. Now, if you’re doing an article or you’re reposting an article that you know, comes from another publication, obviously you want to highlight something that was really, really important to you as to why you took time to read that article. So draw out something that caught your eye that will catch the eye of the people that are looking at this article. And so that’s an important thing to do, or, you know, give a really hot tip about something it could be relating to, you know, being able to lose belly fat. It could be relating to, you know, a good exercise regime and something that’s important to you and a tip that you have, OK, even if it’s relating to an article, you know, bring it back to something that gives either a solution, a tip or a benefit.

OK? So that’s number two, and that’s really, really important because that’s where you’re going to draw the attention to whatever it is that you’re posting and give people a reason for taking a closer look. Number three, and this is another quick one and an important one to do and that is create a call to action. OK? Make sure that you tell people in your post exactly what you want them to do. OK? And that’s really, really important because people need to know, you know, again, do you want them to like it? Do you want them to add a comment? Um, I did, didn’t posted the other day about the fact that I was having beach fever. I just was sitting here was a coal Friday afternoon and I posted the fact that, oh gosh, I have such beach fever right now and if anybody has been to a beach that they love.

And I posted some pictures of us that were sitting on the beach and some pictures that were really meaningful to me sitting on the beach. And I got a whole bunch of people commenting and adding and more pictures that they loved about being on the beach. So it created more engagement. The same thing with the teacher article, you know, I put some pictures in there. I put a video of my nephew who was dancing and having such a good time is one of the stars of the show and so I put that video in there in addition to a picture of the teacher that actually I really wanted to bring attention to. So if, again, you got to tell people what to do, go down and like it, I said go down there and give some hearts to this teacher so that she knows how much he’s appreciated and that all of her colleagues, you know, that are teachers out there are greatly appreciate it.

Uh, you may want them to go down below and to add some comments. You might want them to go down below and click on a website or click on an article or whatever it is. We need to give clear instructions and tell people exactly what we want them to do in order to have that kind of engagement. And so sometimes it’s even, you know, send me a comment, send me a private message, you know, I’d love to be able to help you in any way that I can hide Chameleo. Hi. Hi Guys. How are you today? So it’s really helpful if you have these three tips you know in mind when you sit down to make a post number one, ask a question or a bold headline, OK, emojis out a great picture that calls attention to get people looking at it. Number two, offer a solution, a tip or a benefit.

So again, there’s a reason for them to go and either look at your article or, or the posts that you’ve made or the meeting that you’re attaching you, give them a really strong reason. And number three, hi sally. Get Sandy to get to see you. And number three is that you tell them exactly what it is you want them to do, OK? So they have a clear understanding as to exactly what you’re expecting back so that you can communicate back and forth with them. And this is going to create such great engagement with people that, uh, you’re going to find yourself having a lot of great comments and having a chance to communicate with a lot of great people. So if this was helpful to you, give me some hearts and go below and share this onto your wall so that we can get a really nice engagement going on about and given people great helpful tips on how they can improve the engagement on their posts with facebook. So guys, if you have, I want you to have a really, really wonderful week ahead. This is Sunday night. I love getting together with all of you and sharing some tips for the week as you prepare to go out there and be amazing. Have a great day everyone. Bye for now. Yeah.

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