Hey guys, it’s Ann Feinstein.

Good evening everyone tonight. I am so excited to have a chance to spend some time with you and really focus in on for hot tips that could really help you stand out, stand up for you and your brand. And so we’re going to be talking about that tonight because it’s really about, uh, being able to attract the best people, the best customers, some of the best of the best to you. OK? Pulling them to you because of you and your message. So that’s what we’re going to be chatting about here tonight. It’s good to see all of you with us. I see Natalie and Oh, great. Wonderful. Simone and Karen and David and Tony and Christy. Hi Guys. Hi everyone. It was a beautiful day here in the northeast. Snow like crazy here, but you know, the wonderful thing about working from home and being able to connect with people on a really history snowy day.

We had a lot of conversations today about branding and so I thought I would just share for tips that came up today as important reminders because I have to tell you that every day people are looking at what we are posting online. People are looking at our Facebook profiles. They’re checking us out. You know, they want to have an interaction with us. When they go to the profile, they see what we stand for. They see what our message is, they see who we are and we’re really putting a great message or we’re not out there into the world by the types of things that were posting. So I thank you for all the hearts. I appreciate this. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart because I’m really passionate about helping you to be able to crush it, but I’m also really passionate about helping you to really leverage yourself, leverage your time, leverage your efforts, and to be able to create a fantastic and a wonderful lifestyle that you really are going to enjoy.

And so being able to put this out there so that people come to you is such an important aspect as an entrepreneur that we have the social media platforms today. I mean you have to look at the enormous amount of people that are on Facebook or on Whatsapp or on Instagram or you know, some of the other incredible platforms that are out there. The ideas is what is the message that we’re putting out there? So here are four important tips and it’s good to see Jenny and Diane. Great guys. Hey David. So first of all, I think it’s important that we really put out there. You become a person of value and we really decide what is our brand, what is it, what do we want to put out there into the world, what do we want our message to be? And I think that takes some effort on our part because we want to think to ourselves, do we want to be known as someone who is providing motivational tips?

Do we want to be talked about business? Do we want it? Then go into our own various individual industries, whether it be the beauty industry, the health and fitness, uh, or even into other types of financial services, mortgage brokering, whatever it is, OK, to determine the direction that you want to go. And as I said, I’m passionate about helping people to really create the kind of business it gives them leverage. So that’s becoming my brand. I mean, and again, this is evolving. This is the cool thing about having a social media platform is that as you go along, it’s evolving and the evolving will come from being able to stand up and talk about your passion. What is it that you really love talking about? And I would tell you that if you just sat down and you just jotted down some ideas in terms of your passions, you will find your brand.

You will look at what you’re posting on Facebook. And as I said earlier, posts, you know, isn’t education. What does it, motivational isn’t inspiring people. Is it telling them something about you so that you know, you’re relatable, which we’ll get into in a minute. What is your, what is the kind of posting that you’re putting out there and how was it reflecting on who and how people see you? So that’s the first thing I would suggest and that is really being able to choose. She was your brand. Choose who you want to be, the go-to person. You know, I have friends that are now, you know, strong and they’re passionate about Quito. So I know who to go to. OK, we’re Austin decker, I know to go to because they’re the go to people for the Quito. OK. I know who to go to when it, when it comes to anything related to fitness and health.

I have a friend, Jenny Miro who is absolutely focused on, you know, the whole idea of what is fitness, what is health, how do people get to a better place in their life? OK. I have other friends that are, you know, really focused in on financial services, but I will tell you that the key factor is that if you are branding yourself, then you’re not doing a pitch fest. Um, the other day I saw a woman on facebook and she happens to be one of the groups that I’m in and I have to say that when I went to her facebook page to see, you know, what she was posting because she, you know, she made a couple comments in the group. Every one of her posts was telling everyone she’s in the mortgage brokerage business, every single post, this is what she does, this sort of link.

This is what she does. This is her, like, this is what she does now. Do you think that she’s pulling people thighs? If she do get me a one, if you think she’s repelling people, me a [inaudible] [inaudible] I will tell you that I would imagine that even her closest and dearest friends and even her own family are probably unfriending her at this point because they’re tired of hearing the pitch fest. So that’s why branding you. OK, thanks Natalie. Yeah, it is a member two. That’s why branding is so important. OK. That gives you the, the go to status as the expert. OK. Now we’ll take a look at number two and that is deciding who is your target market and keeping in mind that as soon as you decide on your target market, OK, it’s not, it’s no longer about you, it’s about them.

OK, so now it changes from your passion to being able to attract people, OK? To then putting it out there in such a way that it’s attracting people and because you’ve decided who your target market is and you’re saying yourself, this is my passion, this is my target market. What is their pain? What is their day like? What is it that I can solve for them? What kind of benefits can I give them? Because remember, it’s all about benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits, OK, future self. Like that woman is selling a feature. No telling everybody every day about what she does instead of writing articles or putting up some interesting posts or you know, blogging, you know, something that would put her in the minds of everyone as the go-to person for her financial services. Think about that guys, because we see so many pitchfests out there these days.

I go onto my facebook page, I see pitchfest pitch best pitch fest, and I say to myself, OK, that’s not what I want to say. OK? I want to see people that are literally lifting people that are inspiring people, that are giving people information that are solving problems. So that’s the second point relates to that. And that really is about finding your voice, OK? Whether it’s writing, whether it’s I love lives. I mean I’m just alive. This is the kind of person I am. I love lives. So this has become the platform that I’ve chosen. OK? Yes. I can sit down and write something, but it takes me, you know, 10 times longer to write it out because I’m editing and editing and editing this way I can go live and you get to see a little more about me. OK? Obviously you get to know a little bit more about me.

You get to know who I am, a little bit about my personality. Have you come alive with alive? OK? That’s the whole idea. And then creating content that is going to solve the problem and relates to your brand. OK? So again, are you, how are you putting that across to other people in creating incredible content or providing content or putting articles out or relating to articles so that if I went down your page, I could say, this is the go to person for this. OK? Think about that. That’s what you’re, that’s what it means to have a brand. Every entrepreneur out there needs a brand. And if you’re in your own business, OK, your brand is you that can never be taken away from you. Just remember that can never be taken away from you because that is unique to you. So that leads me to the fourth point, OK?

And that is having fun and being relatable, OK? Being relatable means that people feel you, they know about you, they like what they see or what they hear or what they read, OK? You’re giving people that Schumann side, you’re telling stories, you’re sharing ideas, OK? And I will tell you that more than anything, people love and relate to stories. So if you have a fantastic brand and you can share somebody else’s story, you can share somebody else’s successes, OK? Like we have all kinds of successes happening right now in our business and it’s relating to the fact that people making changes in terms of how they’re approaching social media and going out there and creating brands and those brands are attracting the right people because they have targeted the people that they want. They have a target audience. They know how to address that. So guys, if you haven’t seen some of the posts that I’ve put down below, take a few minutes to look at them because I’ve talked about what to post.

I talk about how to find your target audience. I talk about how to overcome some of the doubts that entrepreneurs have. OK, because we all have that. I talk about the important aspects of being an entrepreneur in today’s modern world and that’s something that everyone, OK, that may have started their businesses a few years ago. Everyone is now recognizing how simple and easy this is. This is not hard. This is so simple and easy. When you sit down and you figure out, this is my passion, this is what I’m excited about. This is what gets me up in the morning and I throw the covers off, you know, jump out of bed, excited to do what I do because my passion creates my day and my excitement. So I hope this is helpful to you and I want you to know that it’s all about being consistent in your message, consistent in your act, in your activities, consistent in your actions, being out there so people see you, they recognize you, they think of you as the expert. Guys, there are so many opportunities out there today and I really want to see you be able to create an incredible business, to have the kind of lifestyle that you want and deserve to be able to take your life back. So with that, maybe anything else to add? I think not. So we’ll say goodnight to all of you and we’ll see you again soon. Another live coming up. Have a great evening everyone and stay warm here in the northeast. Bye guys.

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