4 HOT TIPS to SPRUCE UP Your Profile, EXPAND Your Audience and BOOST Your Connections‼️…It’s ALL About ATTRACTION!


Hey guys, it’s Ann Feinstein here and I’m excited about today’s topic for, for, for hot tips to really spruce up your profile, expand your audience and to boost your connections and so we’re excited to get you on here today because actually I’ve been working with a couple of coaching clients and also some of our team members and taking a really, really good look as to what people are actually posting on their facebook profiles. And the reason for that is that as you know today, more and more people are using their facebook profiles for building their business. It could be your own home based business. It could be a service, a product. It could be, you know, some of the things that people are doing today in order to create a secondary incomes as well as you know, full blown businesses using their profile, sometimes even more so.

They’re using their business pages. So what are the. Take a few moments and really talk about this today because it’s a really, really important topic and I hope I can give you some great tips on how you can actually boost these activities that are going on. And so I see we have. Hi honey. Hi Xena. Hi David. Hi Denise. Good to see all, uh, wanted to drop by this afternoon as I said, to talk about these really important issues. And so we’ll. Lot of people are using facebook profiles for their business. And that’s the people I’m talking to today. So first of all, as you go down and look at a facebook profile, the first thing you’re going to notice if somebody’s picture, OK? And I want you to think about the picture that you’re posting across the, the cover page. Know that big, big, beautiful picture at the top.

What is it saying about you? OK, what kind of a message? What are values that you’re looking at? What do people see about you? Because honestly, guys, if it’s just a, a landscape, it’s really not telling enough. Um, if it’s just a picture that you’ve pulled out of Google or someplace else that you happen to, like, or even a picture that you took, put yourself in the picture. People like to see real people and they like to see real people and to see what’s really, really important to them. Hi Barbara. Good to see you. So my suggestion is go take a look at your profile page. What is that big cover page saying about you? You know, if you’ve got kids and you’re married and you love to travel and you love to do fun things together, a post a picture up there and let people see who you are.

I go there all the time and I look at the facebook profiles before I speak to someone so I get a sense of who they are. I get a sense of who the who the person is that I’m talking to. The same thing goes for your profile picture, that tiny little picture, OK? If you’re doing business online, people want to see who they’re doing business with. My suggestion is that you take a really nice picture, you know, have a full face so people can really see who you are. They see the, you know, the expression, your smile, you’ve got to, you know, a nice upbeat personality, that sort of thing. Uh, the other day have someone who was writing about, you know, wanting to, uh, to, to do something that was looking for a secondary income and she posted this post in a group that I’m in and it’s actually a women’s group that I’m in.

And I got laughing about it because I went to her profile. She said she’s looking for something secondary to do. She’s looking for a side, a side hustle, as they say. And her profile was a picture of a horse. That’s it. The profile picture was a picture of a horse. So as we, I scrolled further down, I’m looking further down to see, well, what else would I find out about or to see what her interests are. There was nothing other than pictures of the same course. Now I’m saying to myself, first of all, is this person real? Secondly? OK, why are they, why are they hiding behind? OK? Having a picture of just their horse. Now I’m all for, as you can tell, I’m an animal lover. I love my dogs and every once in awhile I’ll post a picture of my dogs, but my dogs are not my profile picture.

So my suggestion is that if you’re really seriously doing business online, think about that, that big beautiful a space that you have at the top of your profile for a beautiful cover picture. Think about the space that you have, you know, in your profile, what is it saying about you? And then as you go further down, OK, in the, in the information you can put in there, you can talk about and give a small introduction. You don’t need to get your whole resume. Just tell them a little bit about you. You know, what is it that turns you on? What is it about you? OK? Whether it’s your interests. If you’re a mom, if you’re, you know, you’ve got four kids. I’m a mom to five. I’m happily married. I love training and teaching and helping people to create profitable home based businesses. So that’s what I wrote in my profile in my little intro.

OK? Put something in there so people get a snapshot of what it is. And what you’re interested in. So that gives you my first tip. My second tip is of course, in addition to the intro, use your real name. It’s amazing how many people start using fictitious names or weird names are strange names or whatever when in essence their name and that profile picture are going to be like their virtual business card. OK guys who keep that in mind. And that’s really, really important. The second thing is you want to make sure that you have all of your settings set to public. If you’re doing business online, you want people to be able to go in there and to be able to comment on the things that you’re, you’re posting to be able to friend you, OK? To be able to send things back and forth.

So make sure it’s amazing how many people I saw have private and private settings set up when they’re trying to do business online. OK? So go into into your setting section and make sure that’s listed as public. My third tip to you is, as I said before, at a previous post, choose your target audience. Who is it that you want to attract? If you have a particular business interest, you have to sit down like any business, major company, Major Corporation, they put together who is their target customer, who is the, who are the people that they want to attract? And so my suggestion is if you haven’t done this yet, go back to one of my posts down below where I actually helped you to identify with 10 simple steps to identifying the perfect target audience for you and guys that you’ve seen that. OK, give me a couple of hearts because I’ll tell you honestly, I’ve gotten so much feedback from that particular post helping people to really discover who it is that they want, OK?

To get to connect to. And so having a target audience, you deciding who is just wanting to help, OK, who is it that you’re reaching out to? What is, what is their personality like? What are their deaths a day like? What are their pains? What are their dreams? OK, how can your product, your service, your business help them? OK, what are the benefits? Not the features, but what are the benefits that you could offer to someone. So I think it’s really, really important that you have a targeted audience in mind and that you are creating content, OK, and providing information to them when your profile page that’s going to help to attract them to you, but it’s a very important piece. And so my fourth is to post with intention of value. And when they say posts with intention to value guys, I mean, thinking about this, you know, you’re not just sharing, you know, random stuff, but you’re actually thinking about, you know, you yourself, that your interests, what did, what kind of people that attract, OK, what are things that are important to you?

What are some exciting or relevant articles that you could, you know, again, repost, but with your personal content in there. OK, when I see people on their profile pages, you know, sharing other people’s stuff over and over and over again, or just putting up those means or just, you know, transferring pictures without any content. It doesn’t tell anything about you. OK? People want realistic connections. They want to know how you feel about, they want to know, you know, what are your thoughts about something about a particular article that you’re writing or you know, any type of information that you’re posting on your, on your profile that’s relevant, OK, that talks a little either about something you’re interested in, it relates to the product or the business that you’re involved in and of course it’s going to be targeted to your audience. So guys, those are the four important points that I wanted to get across to you.

And I was listening to a young gal this morning who was, had posted something on her facebook posts she did alive and she said something very interesting. She said, the day that she decided to use to get into business for herself and to use her profile in building her business. She sat down and she looked through her entire, you know, the last, certainly the last year or so, the type of posts that she had put on her facebook wall and she sat down and she realized, you know, were there negative things. She got rid of them. Were there things there that were controversial? She got rid of them. OK. Were there things there that she didn’t want people to really talk about or this or it wasn’t relevant to where she wasn’t where she wanted to go. She got rid of it. So I’m gonna suggest that to you that you take a look at OK, the type of posts that you have, the type of posts that you’ve put up recently in the past and say to yourself, is this what I want to get across?

Is this going to help me to attract the type of people that I want to be able to bring to me, to boost my audience, to be able to make better connections and to really upgrade my profile and to do some really incredible things. So with that, maybe I think we’ve covered it all. I want to say thank you and great to see you, Christina and Kiley and Viviana and Mr Victor and. Hi, how are we? Good to see you two guys. It’s so awesome. OK to be here tonight with you, have a chance to share some of these Austin posts and tips, and if you had any other tips to add below, please go ahead and do so because this whole entire process of learning how to use social media and how to use facebook and how to be more effective in doing great things on social media is really what I’m all about and I really want to set that out and help you become even more successful and have a lot more fun. So with that, maybe we’re going to say bye for now. Have a great week ahead and we’ll be back here real soon.

Bye guys.

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