4 HOT TIPS ♨️ when Doubters Come BANGING at Your Door!!


Hey guys, it’s Ann Feinstein, I want to say a big hello to all of you on this beautiful Sunday afternoon and uh, got a question for you and that is what are you going to do when the doubters come knocking at your door? Now we’ve gotten into a pretty lively discussion about this over the weekend, so I wanted to be able to share for really hot tips with you as to how to swap credit away and get yourself on to something really exciting. So good to have all of you with us tonight. I see we’ve got a bottom out. Robert. Hi. And Milton and Wade and. Hi Guys. Good to see all of you. And it’s wonderful to be back here on a beautiful Sunday. We just had a lovely afternoon with a grandson and a son. Had a wonderful lunch out. And so I’m rarely go excited about this topic for today because we’ve had a lot of really, really exciting conversations about this over the weekend, uh, with our team and miss some of the other coaching friends that were involved with our mastermind.

And so I wouldn’t get into this because this is something I want you to be thinking about when those little self doubt, little conversations go on in your head and you’re sitting there and you have a thought and suddenly, you know, it’s growing because we all know that whatever we think about grows and it grows and it grows and it grows. And I see we have karen with high and Suzanne. Hi Sweetheart. How are you enjoying [inaudible]? Good to see all you guys. So what do you do when the self doubt starts to job at your brain? Well, number one I like to look at it is, uh, something that I do every day and I think it’s really important and I love to start my day off with some personal development and personal development to me means just sitting down in a quiet space and focusing in on something that will really kick off your day in a positive way.

And one of my favorite all time philosophers, motivational speakers, someone that from the earliest date that I entered into entrepreneurship. And I have to tell you this, and if you have an entrepreneurial spark in your body, there are going to be moments when you have that self doubt, that self-doubt that says, you know, am I good enough? Am I smart enough, am I sharp enough? Do I know enough? Who’s going to listen to me? Who’s going to follow me? Who’s going to want to be part of this? So I’ve got to tell you that has that little stuff starts to creep in. The personal development in the morning, you know, anywhere from 10 minutes a day to 20 minutes a day is just absolutely perfect to kick your day off. Right? And one of my favorite favorite all time when maybe one of my favorite all time, a personal development coaches that I took on early on, actually David and I both took them on was Dr Wayne Dyer.

And if you don’t know anything about Dr Wayne Dyer, go google him a d, y, e r he is just the most amazing man. And I remember, you know, several of his books and his. We used to listen to this audio cassettes and I pulled them up on to Google recently, actually youtube recently, and I following him because I’m listening to one of his talks every single day and I love when he talked about changing your thoughts, changes your life. OK, when you change your thoughts, change your life. And he goes on to say that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change now. That kind of stuck with me all these years because whenever I have one of those self doubt moments, I kind of look at it and I say, well, that’s kind of interesting. And I remember something that he said early on, which 30 years ago, I mean has stayed with me this entire time and the thing that he said, which was so pertinent to me at that moment.

And anytime this comes up, this is what I think about. And I say to myself, you can’t be sad, depressed or in doubt. If you’re active, you can’t be sad, depressed, or in doubt if you’re active. So whenever I have one of those moments of doubt, I get active and so that’s the first really important tip that I want to share with you, that is it yourself, some personal development. Start to delve in, you know, every morning, 10 minutes, 20 minutes in the morning, the first thing that you do to get up to give yourself a star for the day in a positive way because they’re going to be moments when things just happened into your brain or someone says something or something happens or in a situation occurs and it can be anywhere having to do with your wealth aspect of your life, your relationship aspect of your life or your health aspect, and so get out there and be active and do that with your personal development.

Now the second thing that leads to begin to in that is what my good friend randy gage calls a, creating a learning agenda. And when I say creating a learning agenda, thanks David. Yes, move everything forward. When I say creating a learning agenda and that is think about something that you really want to learn more about. You know, whether it has something to do with health aspect of your life, it doesn’t matter. Something having to do with your business, moving yourself forward in your business. What are the areas that I’m really excited about these days as you can tell is the whole amazing k possibilities with social media and specifically here on facebook. So what I’m doing is, is that I’m actually studying with some of the best coaches and that’s the second point. OK. Getting yourself into a learning agenda and studying with. This is the third point.

Getting yourself some really great coaches. So I’m delving into this, you know, I’m having so much fun because I’m meeting such amazing people with such brilliant concepts relating to social media, digital marketing, Internet marketing that my brain is exploding with excitement on a c guy by a good friend, Chris Burrows who is another one of my great coaches. Thank you Chris for being on here today because you just doing amazing things to keep it all, you know, in the right perspective for me and he holds my hand throughout the entire situation. But I can tell you that, you know, this is something that David and I are just having so much fun with together. Uh, we’re taking a course together, we’re studying together and we’re, we developed this whole concept of, you know, sitting down, studying something, sitting down, talking about it and implementing it, implementing it.

And that’s another thing that’s going to help you get past the doubts because when you’re in a learning mode, you can’t be depressed, doubtful or inactive. And if it happens and it comes up, you have some great coaches around you. Now I just want to mention a couple of the great coaches because I want to give a lot of Kudos out to people today who are just giving us so much inspiration, such great information, having to do with this whole facebook social media excitement that we’re involved with now. And it’s Cathy Schneider. I love you and Brandy shaver again. I love you. You guys are just too awesome ladies that are just kicking butt and taking me along on this ride with you. So I want to give you a big kiss and thank you. Also Rob Sperry. And Steve Larsen, wow mind blowing stuff on social media, digital marketing, Internet marketing.

And so whenever those little doubts come in, you know, as to whether I know enough, if I’m smart enough, if I’m sharp enough, if I can present something and give somebody, you know, additional great inspiration, I go back to these guys. OK? So again, number one is personal development. Feed your brain, get your brain going. Number two is getting yourself in [inaudible] learning agenda so that you have something new and exciting popping up in your life that gives you inspiration, motivation, and pushes you forward. Number three is to get yourself some good coaches. You know, people who have done it are making things happen that can show you the way that are so generous in what they’re offering in order to, uh, to take you along on this amazing journey. And number four, OK? And this is a really important thing and that is something that we’re spending a lot of time on with our team.

And that is a daily mode of operation. Now, I spoke about this and one of the previous facebook lives and I said in order for you to move yourself forward in your life, OK, and we’re talking about our business here, but you could have a daily motive operation for things that you do for your health, daily motive operation and things you do for your business to daily motive operation, things that you do in your relationship. However, today I’m going to focus on moving your business forward and that means what are some things, in this case, three or four things that you are committing to do every day to move your business forward? Because what I found in the discussions that we had over the weekend is that people get into doubt when they feel that they’re not moving forward into these mind games with their heads when they feel that they’re not doing the things they need to do.

And so right here, right on my computer, I have the four things that I have committed to myself to do every single day, no pay, and these are things that are going to move the business forward with continuity and consistency. So those are two other key points that I strongly recommend that you put into your tool bag for getting rid of the doubt, and that is being consistent in what you’re doing because the doubt comes up when you’re not moving forward. The doubt comes up when you find yourself stuck, OK? And you look back and you realized, you know what? I haven’t done something either from my health aspect of my life, my business part of my life, or my relationship part of my life, but it’s your business life and you have certain goals and aspirations that you’re looking to achieve in a certain period of time.

And that doubt comes up. I tell you guys, go back to your daily mode of operation. Make sure you have those notes right in front of you so that you can go back there, refer to it, check it off, and make it each and every day. Some chick, but action. So I hope this was helpful, helpful for you tonight. A Sunday night as we prepare and get ready for an amazing week ahead. Uh, just remember, personal development, a learning agenda. Get yourself some coaches and get out there and move your move your business forward with your daily motive operation. So with that, I’m just going to say to you guys, have an amazing, amazing week ahead and go out there and just be amazing. So goodnight everyone. Have a great week. Bye for now.

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