7 Strategies to get UN-Stuck! Mastermind Event Keynote & Faculty Member


Your places where we just get stuck is persuasive and she knows how to stop and she knows how to coach you and mentor you want to go to a nice well and finds me. I thank you. Say actualized you are how competent you appear or even how successful you become. You get stuck because an afternoon and I was sitting at my desk staring at the laundry list of items that I out with a piece of paper, three way calls, list of clothes that I had to make. I had to get back to my travel agent. We had a change of venue and a new city for a big event was coming up. I had an editor of a women’s magazine waiting for the final edit or our global. They looming deadline.

I live a couple of other issues that have come up back home and I had to find the perfect for three and a dental appointment in about 25 minutes. Which point the phone rings and they can stay downstairs in his office and I’m upstairs in my office and that’s a secret to a 30 knowledge I. and he says to me, honey, honey, randy’s on the phone. Which point I did one of those big successes. Um, now it wasn’t because it was written to calling. It was because I know he knows and can pick up one of my imagery and he knows when I am at a stress moment, I’m feeling stuck. And so I pick up the phone and we started talking. We had some team tools that were in the process, which I forgot to mention in that laundry list. We were also totally revamping all of our team tools with a deadline or a big event that was coming up. And so going over the changes for those teams tools. And then he says to me, so what’s your topic for the mastermind?

Now? I guess I didn’t answer them fast enough because at this point my brain is fried. I’ve got so many things going on on juggling all these things at the same time. And I’m thinking to myself, you know, like I think those final things defaulting Feinstein and when it says find, I know is getting like a little annoying find statements only five weeks away and I must’ve looked like a deer in headlights and an emotional mess at that point. And so of course not wanting to not go prepared. I open up my planner and I started going through that page that I’ve written down some ideas just in case as I was thinking of different ideas, I will talk with them. And so, you know, I open up the plan or to that page and I started telling them a couple of the different topics that I had thought of.

Any that of course I’m not getting any positive response and I’m getting that room. Um, so I sent him at that point, you know, just feeling so overwhelmed and stop, at which point he says to me, perfect, that’s what you’re going to talk about that, you know, a lot of times that’s what comes, what happens isn’t, you know, we have to have a lesson and then we’d go out there when we teach it. So now I sit back in my chair and I’m laughing, discovered because I’m thinking, you know, this is a perfect topic to teach and I’ve got so many crazy crazy things that have come up, seven strategies for getting stuck. What a great idea and just as I start to talk to him about that a little further, they’d been buzzes me from downstairs and says, honey, you’ve got a dental appointment in 25 minutes and I have to let out the door and I play right back.

Now I tell you this because for a lot of times in your life and especially in leadership situations, when you’re juggling a lot of different things and they’re going to be times where you feel your creativity, your juices and all those things going on suddenly come to emotional moments when come to challenges. You come to places where you’ve got to find solutions. You’ve come to all of yourself sabotaging tendencies. Anybody have any of those? And all those roadblocks that come up to having a clear path to where you were. The big. So I’m the type of person and I’m sure many of you that are in this room today that are the same way. We like to know where we’re going, OK, because we can see where we want to be and it gets frustrating when that’s not a clear path. I know that I like to accomplish things.

How many of you liked that? There’s checklists or they’re all needing to raising my hand, raising their hands, and when I can check stuff off, it makes me crazy stuff and I can’t move through that. So that’s the conversation. You know, we started working on this idea of seven strategies for getting stuck. Now. I said sometimes if you’re going to end up with, like I said, challenging moments when you feel like everything is coming to a head. I mean everybody had one of those experiences and the study, because I was coming to a head and we really start to look at this, OK, the creativity happens out of breaking through this time of stress or breaking through these roadblocks for stuff to happen as a result of one issue. That opens up a whole play about that a little bit. We’ll just going to continue on in this conversation.

So we come up with the [inaudible] strategies for getting started and one of them is exactly what happened to me that day. Changing your perspective in the middle of that conversation with really I realized that I had to go the dentist. OK, so I had to jump up out of that share, get myself into the car, and as I’m driving all the creative juices start to open up. I started thinking of the waste through all these different activities that I haven’t accomplished. All this hadn’t been done in the next 36 to 48 hours before the deadline is coming to a head. So get into the dental office of all places right now. Some of you may not think that’s the most relaxing place to let your creative juices flow, but what I find is that when I move out of the situation, OK, I’m able to actually put back into it because the subconscious mind is continuing to move on that particular problem or that particular challenge.

And that’s exactly what happened. OK, as we move through that particular list of accomplishments and things I needed to do, and I’ll tell you about that in the moment. So the first thing is change your perspective. Give yourself a break. Nobody’s going to die. If you take a 10, 15 minute break, you give yourself a chance to get up. I like to go outside, take a walk with the dogs. I have three little puppies, their migraine prospective changes. Take a walk, go outside. Some of you probably like to do exercise now. Have any of you tend to get out and go to the gym exercise, get rid of the energy or the attentions that are going on together, moving fast, and some of you probably like to journal, some of you. My husband likes to meditate, OK, and helps to release the brain. Is the brain a chance to come back to the creative, to a relaxed state?

OK, whatever it is, you need to find something that will allow you to get out of that moment and have a creative thought process for some of you know, it could be cutting golf. A lot of guys like to go play golf, some guys like to weight lift. Some women like to go out and do different things with their children. Lunch with the girls, you know, these are all things that will help to change your perspective. Get away from the problem for a moment than Vicodin. Chance to Germany. OK, now let’s go on to the second one. The second is challenge your thinking. I had an interesting call with one of my leaders called me on the phone. She really pushing hard to get to the next level and she had a lot of things happening, but again, there was this little stuckness that was going on. I can hear her voice normally. She’s really following with you. Get from the phone. This time it sounded like, oh no, something’s wrong. Hello.

What’s up? Uh, you know, I just placed all these calls. I talked to all these people and nobody can do anything. One of those calls, you know, where everybody’s on vacation, everybody’s gone away. Nobody has time. And I been here, or just like she just wanted to wagner with somebody and I happened to be the person that she called going it up, don’t run down. So I said to everyone, I said, you know, I had a guy who actually has an interesting story. A couple years ago I started telling him the story about the styling of this great organization that just started building a spray. OK. And we’d get a nice momentum going into the summer and then we’re about to go into August and he calls me on the phone and he says to me, and we’re about to go into August, but I gotta tell you something, nothing’s going to happen in August because everybody goes to the beach.

Everybody goes to the beach. Really? Everybody goes to the page. Wow. Now, of course I was the first time was working in international market. So I’m thinking he must have something that I don’t know. So I said, OK, I think I let that fester for a while. So I continue to watch this group and the volume continues to grow. And the volume in the first week is more than it was the month before. The blind in the second week was more. Was in the third week of the month before. So I picked up the phone and I call on the phone. I said, hey listen, you just have a big story. And told me. He goes, yeah. I said, it’s not working for you.

What do you mean? I said that you’ve been in your back office lightly. Not Close the beach story. Really. He had checked out cause I wasn’t even paying attention. Of course I’m sitting there thinking and some beach because things completing, I’m looking at [inaudible] going up, up, up, up, up. I said to him, you’re going to get that back office. And I had already looked into that office and I have identified where this was coming from. The spine was coming from a group of guys that we had put into his business and storage to bear with. And they were young and they were hot, sexy, and God’s. I had a hard time going over there to work. I can put my finger them. And these tests are so cool, you know, fun have been ranked on during these bunch of guys that will just come into the business at the end of July.

OK? Nobody told them that. Everybody goes to me and I said, I’m going to say is, please don’t call them and tell them this. OK? But he’s looking at this. He’s like, shop. OK? Because he had already written this off. He bought into something than OK. So I’m telling the story to the Gal was telling me how stuff she is and how everybody is innovation. OK? Stories are more impactful than sitting and having a lecture with your downline, especially when they’re in this state of mind. And she’s really the whole time you’re her voice really now comes back to the octave that I’m accustomed to, which is high energy person. She said, well, what happened then? And I said, by the end of the month, volume double the previous month. I said, now by the end of September, the volume doubled for the month of August for the month of October. Diamonds rule breaking. And it was insane. So I said, let’s get back to your problem. OK, what’s really got new stuff?

Just starts laughing and she says to me, you know, I think I bought into a couple of people’s worries, you know, I suppose to a couple of people, and they told me that, well, you know, probably three people by the fourth one, suicide and calls me now because we hear, listen to stories. Guys, listen to the story to tell a story to anybody who tells you, OK, there’s stopped because nobody from thing, whatever he tell you that that woman will have that boom, boom, everybody was going to go to the beach. You have a new story. Then that’s time to somebody in your organization, tells you for the beach sport. And I sent this to her. I said, so you want him to some other people’s stories, but you want to regulate it, right? We’re right back to her. She wanted to do. And she said yes.

Said, well, let’s start focusing on some revenue producing activities are going to get you to where you wanted. OK? So we started putting together my hand at her past that led him to do three way calls with her and in some meetings of course invited in nicely with people to join your business to everything changed when her perspective on her thinking this challenge when she had another way of looking at what she wrote in fall. So that makes sense. OK. Number three. Another one of my favorites and the whole idea of. I can remember a couple years ago, I was giving a seminar when I was talking about the power of inviting and I was getting so excited about this topic and the excitement that it was causing an urbanization power inviting in the back of the room, unbeknownst to me was our Jonah. OK. He actually was in town visiting and peace in the back of the room and he’s watching this at the end of this session. He comes up, rasping talks about the topic. I was shocked when he was there on his finger, but he was in the back of the room. I said to me, no, you’ve got to start to do videos.

Knows my face was just finished doing a presentation, was swept forward. So he says, yeah, you got to start to do videos. OK, well this is staying with me for years, and every time I saw him coming at an event just to ask me to do any videos yet that stay with me, stay with me, stay with me now. What was the reason? I never got to that fear. OK. Fear that I have to write at the right time or I used. I didn’t have to set up the right environment. Have the right audience for ladies. You understand this? If my hair wasn’t ready, I didn’t have to make up on and I hadn’t gotten my nails done.

So situation continues on for a period of time and then I start to see all this stuff going on. Facebook, how many people seen the facebook thing? You’re watching this whole social media and you’re watching all this stuff with youtube and I’m saying, you know, you see these kids, they get onto a video and go like this into a video. I was like, this is wrong and this is fear of rejection. Anybody had that exact reflection thing going on, especially the videos, so you know, I start contemplating this and thinking about it or watching the social, the social media situation, what’s going on, and so I pick up the phone. I called Randy, I know there’s a pick up the phone and I call randy and I say, Randy, I’m reading. Of course reading goes, but even what I said, I’m ready to do videos now.

I’ve done videos while the camera was very good at holding the camera and by actually been with my team leaders because they needed someone in a foreign environment and I was the one that was helping them, directing them and putting them into videos together because I like being behind the camera and everything has to be perfect. The perfect present. How many of you have held up on doing something because you didn’t have the perfect presentation? It didn’t have the perfect phone call. The perfect script, the perfect strategy, that’s an uptight you something. Authenticity is better than perfect.

Authenticity is better. Done is better than perfect. Action is better than perfect. So I said, tell Randy as I’m reading, I’m going to start putting these videos, and he says, OK, this is next week we’re going to be in Hawaii together, a guided imagery. So he says, you bring along the five topics you want to talk about. Listen to this. This is the great leadership nugget. Bring along the five topics you wanted to talk about your first five video shows. OK, now we’re going to sit down and talk about, well now I have to it with randy gage. We’re going to sit down and talk about five topics. So I sit down right now to list no working on this list, so forth, because we prepare my go to this meeting and we sit down and go through this whole list. You know, we’re talking about the fourth and so forth and then says, OK, now before you leave the island, I would video tape two shows, but he broke it down to something that I could to get past the fear and the beautiful broken learning this weekend about how to break down the process to make it so simple for a remember a little more than a OK, but at least it makes sense to me.

Break it down. It wasn’t now a show. It was now two videos. So, or this point, I had a camera. I rate man is right there. They blind cc.

We’re in Hawaii. Gone Stair. So guys, I’m asking you, OK? You probably have something on your list that you may be afraid. OK, that’s holding you back. That’s keeping you stuck to that million dollar person on your list. I can’t remember what they were talking about last night. The million dollar mistake. She didn’t have a million dollar and tell you that because this is how I started doing my training videos to get past the field. Now it doesn’t have to be so it’s a little less perfect. Perfection can keep you stuck, especially if you’re a person who has come out of corporate America every perfect. How many of you will come out of corporate America where you’re gonna find in this profession? It’s not always going to be perfect. We of have to move with the rude as things come along, but if you’re prepared to understand, then you take the right steps and you break it down.

You’re going to find yourself with power site to get past that fear. Does that make sense? So now I would say ray and David have a good support team around you. OK, great. Competence. That’s why I went to him and that’s why when David and I said, guys, I need your support. I need to have you with me in order to get past this fear. How many of you created that strategic support around you? OK, that’s something to put on your To-do list. Is there going to be [inaudible] situations that come up that you have the right group around you? All of a sudden, especially they’re supportive, they’re honest, they have your best interests at heart and to the next step come from. Have you heard Randy talk about that this morning? I did he say that one of the major steps of leadership is what I’m comfortable and comfortable.

OK. This is a great test about stepping forward, stepping through something that makes me feel uncomfortable. So moving along as I was talking to one of my personal clients, I used to, for some of the people in the industry, one of them came to me and you know, this whole multitasking thing is crazy these days, isn’t it? Do you remember when we used to be able to leave the office at 5:00? OK. We can’t do that so much anymore. Can when you’re talking about that. Bob and I were talking about that earlier. I mean, first of all, we have cell phones, right? Everybody has their cell phones. We have facebook, we have all kinds of things and constantly beeping at us. We’re probably sitting at dinner. You may be checking emails, checking text messages. Sometimes in doing that with our kids or answering emails and talking to the front at the same time, not come on, tell me how many of you are going to tell him that you were never been someone who’s done that.

So this gal was telling me that she is so overwhelmed right now with having a business to run. She has children. She can as a network marketing business now she has all these activities for the family. I’m know time for myself. How many people have heard that from their deadline or maybe feeling apple sells? So I said to her, look, the first can have to do is take out your planner. OK, how many of you use your planner every single day, all week. And I said, take out your planner and the first thing I want you to do, open up the week at a glance and I want you to circle the time that you’re going to have a date with your husband, Julie here on a certain date with my husband. Like we got that. We don’t date anymore. I said, no, you’re going to have a date with your husband. And you’re sitting here, guys, you’re going to make a date with your wife. And she was like, how you know what I’m going to target? Why are you focusing on that first? I said, because if you make him feel important, you’re going to get so much more cooperation about this business and about all the responsibilities you have as a woman and as lover is establishing.

So the first thing I want you to do is circle. How many of you who haven’t already set up that this is awesome, OK, date night with your husband. First of all, you come in the house and go thing I want to serve. They really, I just want to tell you that it certainly will get their attention. And it starts talking about all the activities the children. OK? Do you think that he’s going to be a little more prominent about driving? You know, susie over here and bobby over there and he’s got to pay my. Of course, I said, now you put in the time that you working your regular job, who can see what your day is first life. And I want you to lock in the time, the 10 to 15 hours a week that you’re going to do and dedicate to your network marketing business.

I could hear a sigh of relief from this down. OK, after she was able to take all this stuff that’s out there and create a plan and she put it together, she started to look at it. So now let’s talk about the revenue producing activities that you’re doing with your team and three-way calls are to down set up and taking the time to have a bill and the Times that you can do presentations for your own business and the time to continue writing for your own business and so forth. So we started working through all this and I’m telling you, once you slam on the south and you make sure that your teams are doing. It was one of the first things that I do with a new team member. And I’ll tell you why we have an expectation. Well the guy works right? Know Works and probably as a job.

Well, you know, he probably has his other part of his life pretty well been going well. He’s probably doing this and about things that I think could probably fit in these hours. You know, if I’m making it sound too structured, resolve to get nervous. No, I found that the mentor, you help them in coaching your new team members, layout a plan so they personally can see how they can accomplish this in their life and work their business with you in your network marketing team is going to be so much easier for them and to also let you know and they’re working their business. It’s going to let you know when you can start scheduling three-way calls with them.

It’s going to let you know when they’re making your time available business and that they can be responsible in building there and beating and all your death. So I highly recommend, especially when you have a stress related stuff from us having to do with OK, where there’s so many things going on needs and help people. Now that leads into. I also said to her, make sure you take the oxygen mask and put it on first. I said, you’ve got to take care of you terms. She loves to highly. OK. She loves to run. She wasn’t doing that. Why she couldn’t figure out the time. She also had the time to do it around the kids schedule, especially in the morning, getting three kids off to school. Now she’s got a date night. OK. Husband is more accessible to watching and taking care of the kids and getting them off to school because now cooperating together and I was talking to another one by leaders or we never know what’s going on in this.

We’d ask. We may have an idea of what’s happening in a person’s life. I lost my mother and myself back in three years ago. Actually, this past month. I know how devastated I know. I know that over the next six months I’ve really let myself go. I started putting weight on one day. I went in the closet that you know the back of the class. You know what I’m talking about when I go to the back of the closet because nothing fit. Then I’m scrolling through the back of the closet. Take, haven’t gotten clothes. I love the camouflage post-closing. I go to this and then I say to myself, that’s it. I’m taking care of myself. I’m getting back to working. Now I’m getting back to looking at and making sure how I’m taking care of what I needed, making sure I’m taking care of my reps, OK, making sure I’m taking care of my family.

I set the same faith, making one of these, one of my leaders, but just experienced father passing away in the span of three months and she’s running a huge organizations together with her male partner and so we’re talking and I said to her the last time you took a day for you, the silent film center that sure Simon. Well I met this big event coming up. I’ve got all these things to do and you know, and she was part of the issue with the change in the ticket and having to find a new venue because they had some change. Some things around and I said, I don’t care. I said, oh, that rule in place, your Ota, all those things are gonna. Take care of themselves and you’re going to work them out, but you need to have some time for you. I mean, isn’t that hard?

But we’re doing this business. I didn’t go from 60 to eighty hour work week in network marketing to have no time for me. I saw those people that were successful, I hadn’t made and they all looked relaxed. They all look like they were having fun, OK, and that’s sort of trapping from the very beginning. There were gone on trips. They were going to different places. This exotic locations, having fun is fun and freedom, fun, freedom, fun, freedom. Bottom freedom. I couldn’t sleep anymore assuming I say to it at night and freedom and we’re not taking care of herself.

Five day the other day and David and I took a Sunday. I just been on a massive, crazy trips whenever I come back from a lot of travel training sessions and so forth were just a lot of, you know, busy, busy time periods. We always block out a day, OK, and usually involve something, list off a massage, reflexology, usually a lunch together as adults, and we take. Just take a day, OK, how can we a Sunday so we may see the video that I did on my blog and video blog was all about just taking, oh, I see so much to know you’re having fun. You know, they need to see that you’re having fun. This is a fun business. Taking care of yourself were the most important things. OK, hungry things that retire OK, need to let loose and get stress. Doing OK, we will not be able to give your best if you’re not letting the, making sure you’re taking first.

Now the sixth strategy is get supported. As I mentioned to you a moment ago, I was in the middle of getting ready for an affinity toward during the summer. They had a tour that was going on from started in waiting Saris. Then we went to Vegas. The cynicism renaissance. Vegas must have Italy, a highlander, and so for the Italian, a couple of the leaders in general managers called me and said, listen, there’s a couple of different groups that are coming in when you do apply to training now. These are two really tough. Whoops. I have to tell you, they’re tough. I’ll tell you what countries they’re from, but they’re tough and I said, bring them on. So because we have to get past some of the stuckness in their groups and in their minds is going to be massive changes in these organizations. I said I’d be happy to spend some time with them.

So we set this up. We had a big beautiful private conference room set up and they all walked in and see the walking coming in, sitting down, thinking soon I’m talking about tough. You know, they walk in, they sit down and take a seat and so I walked in and I go, hey listen, here’s a white board and we’re going to write down everything that has been stuck and we’re going to. Every challenge that you have in your business, everything that has kept you from becoming a diamond in your organization know this building. I said yes, so just start calling out so they’re calling out one challenge after another. Challenge, another challenge in this session to everyone. Everyone’s interested in your solutions with fair and they go to the places. I said, that’s the deal.

So he go through this whole list of three hours. At the end of the day, you can feel the energy of the room lifted. You know when you see people that are coming in are all saying no because they have something somebody said no to them. Too many times they think they are. Nobody wants to talk to them. They think nobody in their countries left know if it gets crazy, but they think that they can have a meeting and their town can find those cancer and different issues that were coming up were legitimate. OK? The gender bit needed somebody to tell them it’s OK, we’re going to find solutions and we’re gonna. You’re gonna know how to respond and talk to people when they ask you these kinds of questions. You’re going to walk out of posture. My leg thing is purpose, passion, Pashtun.

When you have purpose in your life and your business, evolution doesn’t. When you have passion about what you do and better yet and people seeing her passion in you, in what you do, do they hear it and they see your posture posture entire, sometimes the worst costume to say, stand up straight. I mean people have three forms that no, I’m talking about posture, posture in your. The way in which you communicate. Posture, your enthusiasm and posture in your activity level. So we go to all these questions and the energy has changed and people are feeling good and I’m going, OK, this went really well. I’m actually going to go to one of the leader is this very, very conservative businessman to me and I need to have a private discussion. Just calm everything. I need to have a private discussion. I looked up and go, OK, so why don’t we go and we sit down a private owner and see, you know, he’s squirming in his business, suit, uncomfortable, and he says, listen, let me, let me get right to the point where I’ve got a bunch of people in my organization and they don’t like each other out.

A lot of ego issues. They’re worried about who’s making money and the events and bringing people and it’s just escalating to an opening place. Can you fix that?

I look up and I’m like this and I go, OK listen, we’ll let them have the next two days. OK, this may be an issue that you walked in right when you came here yesterday. Go two days in. Something might change. Yeah, and instead of fighting, as soon as that person speaks, OK, you bring into the back room that far corner and I’m going to meet with them for five minutes because I’ve got to go somewhere back to the hotel. And I said, now listen. Ben Was OK with an amazing team at the corporate and our diamonds in leadership site and all kinds of testimonials, Dah, Dah, Dah. You know, the normal nasal be bigger and better than you can imagine. At the end of this I can see them all sitting there waiting. So I go to the back of the room for our Home Office and they’re lined up like this, like this I guess in April and now facing, I feel like Moses, I.

So I come in front of them and go, wasn’t that incredible weekend and I look around and see them all on. So let me ask something, which you think of the leadership. Do you think that he’s got some strong leadership there? Remember we asked us, do you think there were any egos in that? Oh yeah. OK. I sent it and it you see evidence of ego issues between any of those leaders? No, no, no, no. It was him and I let them know and I said, so you go back into your markets basically have two options, two chances. Two types of social proof. I said, you can go back. I’m starting meetings, resume what you’ve been doing, and to show social proof that nobody’s showing up and nobody’s operating. I said, that’s one option. I said, or you can go back to your markets, and so she’ll chose social proof of everybody being part of the events. Everybody cooperating and almost liking each other. I said, and the cooperation and everybody wanted to bring people is going to change everything. Seeing somebody like fidgeting a little bit when I said, so, what’s your choice? A or big.

Now everybody now starts to dark eyes and you know, and eyes and being used today and so forth, which the leader, the very, as a businessman leader who set this up says, I wish these were not nervous about it now and I can show you what that looks like. I took a picture of what my work is done by shoving it back to the hotel and I was really good because I could see there was a shift talking. They were dinner together. There’s no blood together. Council coming in from some of the other people in that room said, guys, this is what it’s about. OK. If you’re facing something where your stock, everything that you had before, it escalates to a point, get support. Look for somebody that mediator. Sometimes it’s going to be the relationships, sometimes it’s going to be in your group, and sometimes it’s going to be even bigger than that.

Now you have to have faith, faith, and feel and understand. This is going to be part of the process because I have to tell you that as you know, sometimes as you’re moving through challenges and stuckness, OK, it gets darker before it gets lighter. My right ear heard some pretty amazing stories this weekend that illustrated that where it’s gotten so dark, but those people never lost faith and I could tell you, when you’re building something of massive proportions, with bigger goals and you’ve ever had in your life, OK, but what is going to get you through it is your faith is going to do that continuously keep moving forward. It’s going to give you that hope. You don’t hope stands for helping other people evolve. As you help yourself, you’re able to have other people, and so going back to the conversation, the original conversation with Randy, I have to tell you that that conversation, by the way, my dear friend wasn’t the plunger that opened up the stuckness that I told you about at the beginning of our session today.

That conversation I didn’t realize it was the stuckness that we’re talking about today that kept me in this and actually sending the speech on thinking through a message so powerfully important to you. That was actually a block that was holding all these other things and I didn’t even think of. It was so self conscious. So what were they able to do? I came back from the dentist. I made the three way calls. I would rock. OK. I got on the phone with some people that I needed to follow up with some calls that I’ve listened. It was like wanting to the other. It was empowering because I’d taken that break. OK. My creative juices were back. I finished up with those team tools. I got some feedback that their input. We started making the changes we needed. We met our deadlines, I got up the next morning, a little earlier.

I said, you need to get up an hour earlier over whatever. You have to do a project deadline. Got Up the next morning, edited that magazine Article for a women’s magazine, got that done later the day, founded a perfect present for David for his birthday and all because of a great friend and you’re going all the way to have that same support, energy and burn business with the people that you work with. Between a wonderful husband, a fantastic partner, Randy Gage, David Feinstein, to be able to get back into balance, to be able to move forward, to do great things. So guys, I got to tell you this, everyone at new has an epic story inside of every one of you has been put on this earth to do amazing things. So let’s get out there and being amazing new friends.

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