Ever Feel Stuck?


So what do you do when you feel stuck?

Hi guys Ann Feinstein here. Welcome back to skill sets for success. And I had an interesting conversation this week with one of my team members who just came straight out and said I feel stuck. So I said, well, what do you mean you feel stuck? Well, you know, it’s summer and I’m finding that a lot of people are on vacation and they’re going here and they don’t have time and I can’t get people focused and so forth and so on. And so, you know, I believe in the power of stories. And so I said, well let me tell you a story. So this happened a couple of years ago. I had a guy who was involved with me and building and we had had a nice run through the spring. We had some nice momentum going in the group and then he says to me one day, now it’s August.

OK. So don’t expect the same kind of growth in the month of August because everyone goes to the beach here. So I said, really? OK. So all of a sudden as the month is going and we’re getting into August, I started to see the volume is climbing and the group is building and so, you know, I spoke to him on the phone and I said, well, you know, your beach idea of everybody going to the beach is not exactly happening. I said there’s some exciting stuff going on in your business. So you know, we kind of looked into the organization and I realized that I had met a couple of guys that had gotten into the business in his group at the end of July. Now they didn’t have the mindset that everybody went to the beach in August. They had the mindset that they just started in the business and they were going like crazy.

OK, in the month of August, you know, they were a group of guys that were working together. They started building, they started talking to people. They started doing all kinds of events and meetings and so forth. And you know, the craziest thing that happened, that group doubled in that month. Now that kind of killed his whole story about everybody going to the beach because not only did that momentum that started in July, which everybody’s in his mind starting to focus on the beach, certainly not going to do anything in August, exploded in the month of August. By September, the business was even greater by October. It was bigger than that and November was unbelievable. So you know, I go back to the stuck idea and I said to this person after I’d told him the story I said, which was, you know, real stories, stories. As I say all the time, facts tell, stories sell.

I said to the person, I said, now who or what is really stuck? I said, is it the circumstances around you or is it what you’ve allowed your brain to focus in on? And of course, the person started to laugh and said, you know what? I’ve allowed a couple of people to tell me a story that I now have in my head. I said, well, let’s sit down now and let’s reevaluate this whole plan. I said, you know, we sat down and we did the things that we normally do is leaders with people, you know, we sat down and said, what kind of activities have you done in the last couple of days? You know, what is your schedule look like for next week? You know, who are you talking to, what are the skill sets that are necessary where we need to work on and so forth because, you know, I believe that we all need to be working on ourselves so that we can get past those moments of what we think our times of being stuck, you know, what do we do in terms of personal development?

What are we doing in terms of learning a new skill so that you know, we have something new and to focus on what are we doing to reinvent ourselves. You know, I say all the time when you have your own new personal story of your own to share it with someone else, all of a sudden the energy changes. So guys, the next time that you’re starting to feel stuck, OK, think about what’s sticking you. Is it something that somebody else has said to you, or is it something that you’re thinking about that has put you into a mind freeze or a brain freeze that is not allowing you to move ahead, go back and look at your goals, go back and look at your activity level. Go back and look at what have you scheduled for the next week or the week after so that you start to move through.

You know that that energy, and I tell you all the time, you know you can never be down if you’re active, so if you’re starting to feel stuck, it’s that perfect time to go out there and start making things happen. And August is a great month to move ahead and to push forward and to have the launch of that whole full season. So have a great week ahead. August is a powerful time to get out there and meet people, make a lot of new friends, build relationships, and have a great week ahead. See all soon. Bye for now.

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