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Hi everyone, it’s Ann Feinstein and I came on tonight because I’m excited about something I want to share with all of you. Uh, just had some really, really exciting meetings over the weekend and some coaching calls and would have an opportunity to share some really exciting concepts that have been talking about and sharing with a couple of people and, uh, hope you had a great Sunday. We sure did. Here. Had some time with the family. Hi Priscilla. Good to have you with us. Uh, had some beautiful time with the family. Got Out and had to serve lunch out and some beautiful weather here today. So it was really, really, really a spectacular day. I hope you had a fun day to home with your family on a Sunday evening. But I, as I said, I wanted to share some really exciting things that have been going on and things that we’ve been talking about with some of the people we’ve been talking and coaching and mentoring.

And, uh, especially for those of you in the home business environment, building a business from home and trying to figure out some of the things that are going on today on the Internet online, and really zeroing in on the importance of how social media can be a really spectacular way to build your business from home. And so if you notice below, I had recently done a post on what to post, you know, how to get yourself out there with value providing people with something. Hi Diane. Hi Marcos. Hi Bob. Robert. Good to see all you guys have posted below about creating posts with value and some of the key questions. Six key questions to ask yourself before you go online. And I want to take that a little further because, uh, the cool thing is, is that as you start to think about what you’re posting, and Oh, by the way, this is me, me, and uh, she and I had a nice afternoon with David and with family and so forth.

And she said she wanted to come along as we’re talking tonight. Uh, anyhow, the key is, is that as you’re posting, the key factor I think that will help a lot of you is to really zero in on who are you talking to? OK, who do you want to attract to your business? Who Do you want to attract as either a, in a home business, as a business partner, a customer, someone that you know, you want to present to and share what your business is about. And so we were talking yesterday and the cool thing was is that there were some really incredible breakthroughs and the breakthroughs came from people recognizing the importance of being able to target in on who they wanted to really attract. And so I thought I’d take a few minutes tonight, Sunday night. I love Sunday nights because a great times to share our ideas and to give you some focus for the week.

And so if you’re excited about this topic, give me a one and the bottom below and let me know that you’re here. You want to hear about this. You want to understand more about the idea of attraction and how to target your audience and how to really effectively use social media and the Internet in order to expand your business. So it’s good to see you and he law and Rebecca and Terry and Daniella and David and Philippe. OK, great guys. So give me a one if you’re interested in this topic and we’ll get started here. I was telling the group the that the most important thing is that zeroing in and targeting and defining who it is that you want to be able to speak to. And so what I found is that you know, if you create in your mind and on paper the ideal person that you want to be able to attract through the Internet through social media.

And so we were talking about some key questions and some important things to help you to visualize the person that you’re talking to. So if you have a pad of paper and a pen, I would suggest that you grab it because I’m going to give you some key questions for you to be able to focus in on. And I have to tell you that the feedback that I’ve been getting in the last 24 hours from the group that we were working with yesterday was just over the top with excitement because now they know how to utilize this better and not just shoot from the hip with all kinds of different posts in different directions. I mean, if you’re using social media, your facebook page for your family and for connections, and this is probably not for you, but if you’re like me and a lot of the people I know today who are trying to figure this all out, and if you’re trying to figure it out, you know, give me a two in the comments below because I’ll tell you that it’s a really incredibly powerful tool for being able to build your business and to be able to attract the type of people that you want to surround yourself with.

So if this is the kind of exciting thing that you’re looking for, give me a two in the comments section. So I know that everyone’s here and they’re excited about this. So first thing is that visualizing. What is it that who was the person that you want? And we’re going to draw up a, a visualization and a key key characteristics of the ideal customer, the ideal business partner for your business. And so the first question I want you to ask yourself is, what? Who is this person? I want you to define them. What is their age? OK, what is their. What is their job? Do they have children? OK, what are the children’s ages? Are they married? Are they single? You know, what is the ideal person for you in your business? So if you want to just jot that down, jot down that question.

You can take some time afterwards and to fill this in, but I will tell you, those of you that go through this with me are going to find that the actually come to the end of this process. You’re going to know exactly the kind of posts and exactly the kinds of things that you want to put out there to be able to bring those type of people to attract those people to you, to want to know more about what you’re doing. So the first one again, is to define the age of that person, define if they’re married, to find with their chil how old their children are, if they have children and what their, you know, their, their basic, a life looks like. OK? And I would suggest that you get the person a name because now when you’re thinking about your posts, you’re going to be thinking about that person that you have defined.

OK? So, um, you might want to call them Bob. Do you want me to call the Mary? I’ve called Mine Hilary. OK? That’s nothing to do with politics, but it’s just to an individual that I think about when I’m addressing these things in developing my posts in my, um, attraction marketing. Secondly, OK? I want you to say it to ask yourself, what is their typical day look like? You know, what did, what did, did they get up in the morning? What do they do first thing in the morning? What kind of work are they going to, what kind of job do they hold? Do they like their job? Uh, what happens when they come home in the evening? The more you can get descriptive about what their, what their day looks like for them, I will tell you that you will then discover some of their pleasures and some of their pains.

OK? Some of the issues that they have in their life that they want to address, how you can help to address that just by getting a sense of what their day is like. OK? So that’s the second point. The third point is which social media platforms. Now I will tell you that right now you’re all on facebook, OK? And the key factor here is to get really good at one platform. So let’s assume that the all these people that we’re talking to right now, OK, are on facebook and if you’re using instagram or you’re using snapchat or some of the other platforms, twitter, that’s fine at. But I will tell you that it’s more a social thing here on facebook and I think you’ll find it very useful to pay. So you’re following with me. Can you give me a three thing? You’re getting this, OK?

You’re getting clear as to what’s happening here. Number four is what groups or what experts does this person follow? OK, in other words, a, who do they look for, you know, what kind of people do they follow, what kind of are they business people that they’re following? Are they personal development people, you know, be specific, are they people who have a strong background in a particular interest type of entrepreneurial pursuits? Are they on certain groups? And I will tell you that I have found participating in a few select groups targeted to my, uh, the people that I want to attract has been so incredibly exciting because we’ve been, you know, obviously being able to communicate, build relationships with new people and develop a whole new set of friendships that have just been absolutely extraordinary for us. So think about this, you know, make some examples are um, fitness people, uh, perhaps healthy living people, a home business experts, people involved in entrepreneurial things.

So get clear as to what groups or what experts this person is following. That leads me into number five, what does this person reading? OK, are they reading travel magazines? Are They Reading Wall Street Journal? Are they reading success magazines, you know, are they reading certain books, certain authors, um, I was just recommended to me that I get ahold of a couple of really good books for dealing with attraction marketing and pursuing entrepreneurial things. And so, you know, I always have a list of books that I’m reading and therefore the person that we’re magazines that this person is reading or going to be important because that’s going to be where you may likely find these people at some point when you start to pursue this on social media. Number six, what sports does this person play or follow or are they involved in with their family and their children?

OK. So that’s kind of important. Are they into a football and they into. We just had the big eagles issue here. It was just extraordinary. OK, how people were coming together to celebrate, brought such a joyful excitement here to the whole entire state of Pennsylvania. So they following the eagles, are they following different other sports teams or are they involved in tennis or their kids involved? It’s important for you to think about that again, in creating this person that you want to attract. Number seven, OK, what keeps them up at night? OK, what are they afraid of? Uh, what kinds of pains do they have in their life? I’m not talking about just physical pain. I’m talking about, you know, their in their life, they’re kind of financial pain, uh, their job pain, uh, whatever types of a personal pains that they might have a relationship issues, you know, think about that, but obviously want upbeat person, you know, positive people, but there aren’t going to be pains in their lives and you therefore want to find a solution for them.

Number Eight, OK, what danger. OK. Maybe around the corner that this person doesn’t know about. OK? For instance, you know, we talk about the economy, the way things are moving in the economy, the job market today we talk about, um, you know, somebody different life issues. I can address the fact of being in the sandwich generation and that is, you know, having kids and having elderly parents and how that puts a lot of different dynamics into a family. So think about that, what kinds of pains or I’m sorry, what kind of dangers might be around the corner for this person? Uh, so that’s something you can prepare them for. Number nine, what is the biggest opportunity that this person doesn’t know about yet? But that doesn’t mean your business per se, but the fact is that there is a solution out there that you can provide for this person and they don’t know about it yet and how you could be a great opportunity in being a mentor to this person.

OK. So how would you describe that to them and how would you then offer that to them? OK, so that’s number nine. And number 10 is what are the, what are their ultimate dreams and hopes, OK, what do they really and truly want in their life? And it might be changing a lifestyle, a financial security, a future security, being able to retire, you know, with, with great relief in their life, putting their kids through school and having the expenses, the taking care, being able to take care of those expenses. And it could be they’re getting married, depending upon the age group that you choose, the person in their, their life history in there, the way you’ve described them, OK? Think about their ultimate dreams. So we have their pains and their ultimate dreams. OK guys, so I hope this is helpful to you because I will tell you that, you know, we can go onto social media and do random posts and you know, every day put up something acute saying, shoot me, you know, something that you know, would just gives us a sense of interest or to be able to throw something up on to our wall or we can get.

If we’re entrepreneurs and we’re looking to build our business and put the right brand out there, I will tell you that one of the first things that I do, OK, when I get to know someone is I go to their wall and I see what they’re posting about. How many of you do the same thing? OK, if you do give me a number four because I will tell you that reveals so much about someone and you know who they are, what their interests are, what their experiences, what they’re looking for in their life. You’ll see so much there if they are, you know, have a, a, an awareness of how powerful social media can be for them and of course the kind of information that passes on to you. So I hope this is helpful. These are the kinds of things that we talk about and we think about when we’re, before we’re posting something, we love the fact that there is a whole world out there today, a whole world out there.

Being able to attract and talk to people and you know, there’s an endless supply of people to talk to. An endless opportunity to make new friends. We just have to know how to go back out there and go about it in a really exciting and a positive way so that we attract the right kind of people to us and we do it in a professional way with a lot of excitement and also with a lot, with the right sense of style and a capability to really give somebody a true sense of who we are. So I hope that was helpful to you tonight. It’s a great Sunday night. It’ll give you a great, some great things to think about as you go off and start a fabulous week ahead. Uh, I appreciate your being on here with me and if you found this useful, go ahead and share it on your, uh, your personal wall because I hope it will help someone else that, you know, be able to really benefit from the power of what we have here with social media and how this can be identifying the, the perfect candidate, the perfect customer can really help people and help business people expand their business quickly.

So hey brandy, but to see you, I love you much and dies a. we’ll talk to you real soon. Have a great week ahead and go out there and be amazing sake tonight. Me, goodnight everybody.

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