What to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Post…6 Ideas to Help You Create VALUE as you prepare to be AMAZING this week!!


Hey I’m Ann Feinstein and I hope you’re having a great Sunday evening. Uh, we show our, we’ve had a great day today. We’ve been spending some time to get there and been doing some interesting in studying and doing some really great things in preparing for the weekend. Um, I just got off the phone with a very dear friend of mine who was absolutely stumped on what to post and I gotta tell you something. I said the hi, good to see you. Hi. So good to see you. Uh, have to laugh because I’ve been there. I’ve sat in front of a screen and thought what am I going to post today? Whether it’s on my facebook page that you’re on right now or over on my fan page which is and Feinstein Fan page. You can find that too. And, and, uh, we were sitting there talking and I said, you know, you’ve got to think about your posts as creating value.

Now when you talk about that, in other words, there are some components as to what do you want to get across to the people in your audience. It could be family, it could be friends, it could be business contacts that you have, friends that you have in the profession, in the industry on. Hi Sandy could see hi David. Good to see you. And so we’re sitting there and we’re throwing ideas back and forth and came up with six different five or six different things that I thought I’d share with you. First of all, we were going talking back and forth and I found over the years and since I started posting on facebook that there is a hierarchy of posts that will be seen and some of those postings are just so you know, things that you write that today, the way the algorithms are, they seem to be the lowest and I think most of you agree.

Hi Cindy. Hey Marco. Hire new deca higher open to see guys get here on that Sunday night to yep, this is me, me say hi Mimi. So you’re talking about regular posts and that’s where you’re just writing something out, something inspirational. Then there’s the means and that’s those neat little inspirational things that you might find on the internet, on Google or you know, you’re searching around somebody else, share something that inspires you, and I just did that yesterday was one of my posts, you know, talking about taking steps even if it’s just baby steps, but doing something to move yourself forward. Then there’s the videos that you do where you do them offline and you post them online and then there’s what we’re doing right now and that’s a live and that seems to have the greatest traction. Now. I know for a lot of people that’s also probably their biggest obstacle.

Like, oh my goodness. How many of you have ever said to yourself, give me a one. OK, if you’ve ever said, oh my gosh, I don’t know if I could go live because I’m going to tell your story, and that is the first time that I was asked to do a training and to go live. OK. I actually took me, me with me and sat there in front of the camera because I was shaking. I had no saliva left in my mouth and it was one of those moments. So if you’ve had that kind of an experience, give me a one a. Then we were sitting there talking about the kinds of things that are really, really, really important when you’re thinking about value. And so if you want to jot these down, you might find it helpful. I sciatica wrote down one. Yeah, for sure.

It was really something else. And I’m going to actually do a couple of posts this week and talking a little bit about how to get yourself in the right frame of mind for doing a live and the kinds of things that you probably want to look at and get ready and prepare for it. And then just get out there and dive in and do a live. So I’ll. Good Sandy. Good for you. You finally did it. Bravo. So the first thing I think about is a number one doesn’t motivate cases as opposed to I’m about to put online. Does it motivate? Doesn’t inspire someone, doesn’t get them, you know, a thought process that’s going to take them somewhere in whether their life give them, uh, something that’s going to give them something that inspires them beyond their current state that they’re in, their mental state, their emotional state, their physical state.

So does it motivate or does it inspire? The second thing, I look at it and I say, does it educate? So a lot of the things that I like to do online because um, my teaching background is that I like to educate and I’d like to find topics that relate to me personally that relate to the business that I’m involved with and my profession so doesn’t educate. That’s the second thing you ask yourself when you’re talking about value. The third thing I think about is does it entertain OK? Well, it’s Sunday night. So we’re in the mode, we’re in the mode to entertain a little bit. Certainly as you’re going about your day, you’re having a fun day and I hope you’re home with your family. So I looked back at a video that I posted, I think sometime in the fall and it was just this little video that I happen to have caught one of my other Yorkies, her name is Gigi looking up at me and I captured this unbelievable little segment and I posted it online just kind of frivolously to see a share with some of my friends who know that, you know, we have a whole Yorkie house here and today I looked and she has 2100 views.

Yes. Can you believe that? Twenty 300 views. So there are a lot of people out there who just absolutely love their pets and got a kick out of her little expression who she was. And so for me, that’s about entertainment. Uh, the fourth thing is does it share something about you well, could share something about you, your family, your likes and things that you do, the things that you enjoy spending time with and sharing with friends and family. You know, this doesn’t share something about you because today it’s about getting real. And that was something that I had to overcome a bit because, um, you know, coming from a generation that you got dressed up to go out and my mother would say to me, you know, if you’re going out to put your best foot forward, you know, dress up, fix up and do so and today, it’s a more relaxed environment.

You know, it’s just about, you know, your ups or downs, you challenges the things that you go through. People want to see realness, OK, that’s the real thing today. And then the sixth thing is, does it create curiosity? Does it create curiosity about you? Something about your business, something about, you know, the things that you’re doing in your life so that somebody comes back to you and says, what is it that you do, you know, as opposed to throwing links all over the place or plastering your wall with pictures of your products. Which, you know, a lot of times all it does is turns people off or it gets them thinking about the fact that you’re just, you know, on your wall and you’re just spamming one after, one after, one after. So those are the different things that I think about the five key elements for value when you’re looking to make a post online and I hope that was a value to you, if it to be thought about some of these things and you’ve had that moment with the blank screen, just give me A.

I’ve been there on the screen below because I can tell you that there have been so many times that I’ve sat there and tried to think of something that I could pass on a value to someone else. And I hope that thinking through these things, you know, does it motivate? Does it inspire, does it educate, does entertain, does it tell something about you and does it create? Curiosity is going to give you a great couple of ideas for the week ahead. So guys, have a great Sunday night. Mimi, say goodbye to everyone. We’re going to go grab some dinner with David and uh, we love you guys. See, during the week and if you want you to drop over at my fanpage because I’m loading up some really dynamic trainings over there@wwwdotfacebook.com, forward slash and Feinstein fan page. So see you guys. Have a great week ahead. Bye for now.

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