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Hey guys, it’s Ann Feinstein, Creator of AnnFeinstein.com, and today I have a really hot tip for you and this is one of those great tips relating to a super communication tool. If you haven’t heard of zoom, you’ve got to look into this and go to zoom.us. It’s a platform, a simple platform that allows you to actually have face to face communication with people, whether it’s a potential customer, our current customer or someone that you’re talking to about your business. Uh, I’ve used it for planning sessions with a group of people. I’ve used it actually for presentations on a larger scale and also for trainings of the team. I tell you I’m excited about this because I remember, you know, with all the other tools that we’ve had prior to this, it was always more complicated to be able to do a Webinar, especially for a specific group of people.
So the idea here is that with zoom you can actually create a schedule very simply. By the way, zoom, you can get a free account or you can upgrade as you play around with it for awhile. You probably want to upgrade it, it’ll give you a little more futures. It’s running something like 14, $15 a month, so it’s a really good investment for Your Business and what I love about it is that I can do a variety of different things with zoom and what I love the feature most of all is the fact that I can share screens, so if I’m talking to a potential customer or someone that I’m talking to about our business than I can bring up a screen. I can bring up a video or I can show them a product or I can discuss with them something that I think is important for them to take a look at.
So you have the feature there of being able to share screens and that’s really incredible because even if you have your mobile phone and a lot of us have facetime, the iphone is can talk to the iphones, but the androids can’t talk to the iphones and so it becomes a little more difficult. Yeah. There are some other tools that you could do on a one to one basis, but what I love about the zoom is that you can actually bring a team of people together more than one person, so you can do a three way conversation with someone. Okay? Which is great if you’re talking to a potential customer or a potential new team member with one of your team members, this is a great platform to do that. You can also do some trainings as well as larger events. Okay? Where you’ve made invite more than two or three people.
Um, the great thing about it is that you can schedule an event. So if you know something that’s coming up in a couple of days, you can actually go to the little simple scheduler that’s on the right panel and you can actually go there and set up a schedule and send out the link to your team. Uh, which is wonderful. You can do an immediate, you know, you’re on the phone with someone. Say, hey, you know, jump on skype. I’ll send you the link to jump on zoom. I’ll send you the link and you can just send them over to the link and they can hop right on. It’s a simple, simple, simple connection for them and so I find it really, really helpful. And if you want to even record a particular session, you can record it and you can save that. So there’s a lot of applications here guys, and it’s so, so simple to use.
So get yourself over to zoom.us, uh, get yourself a free account, play around with it. If you take your cursor and put it down at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see there are a few other features there like the share I was telling you about and I have my notes here on my computer now and I was looking at it just to prepare to talk with you about it. Uh, but there’s a variety of different features at the bottom, such as I’m inviting people. If you want to invite someone real quick to come to the meeting, you can also manage the participants. So if you want everyone to go mute, you can mute them out. If you have a disruptive situation, you can actually, you know, toss them out a share screen, you can chat while you’re doing a presentation and people can and you can invite people to put questions and as I mentioned, you can record it. So it’s a really, really cool tool. And coming from a time period in the past where communication was so expensive, I mean today, to have this kind of a tool is just absolutely awesome. So check it out and I’ll continue to give you these kinds of tips as we continue to do our trainings on skillsets for your success. So have a great day ahead and as I tell you every day, just go out there and be amazing. Bye for now.

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